Edificio FC

  • Project completion year: 2018
  • Projected surface: 2032,51 m2
  • Location: Villa Carlos Paz – Argentina

The Edificio FC is located in a fairly typical lot in the city of Villa Carlos Paz, on one of the main arteries of the town, Av. RJ Cárcano, an artery that over time has become absolutely commercial accompanied by a low-density residential area.
The project groups eighteen housing units under a vertical arrangement, varying its organization due to its staggering. The set distinguishes different types of houses and determined from mono rooms to two-unit apartments. The common point is almost all private units private expansions private activities on patios, balconies or terraces.
Circulation was planned in a reduced way around the elevator block and staircase, gaining more surface for the units. For a better distribution and so that they do not hinder above level 0, the parking lots of all the units are located in the basement, leaving the most remote retreat space totaling 9 meters, free for shops on the ground floor.
The main façade after the first level begins to terrace, generating an interesting movement in the block, which is also accompanied by railings and exposed concrete filters. This facade with concrete details generates different degrees of opacity, regulates the exchanges between the interior and the exterior, modifying its agreement according to the lighting conditions, tree shadows and activities of the occupants.
The project culminates with a generous terrace, the part through which it is covered and houses the services, this cover extends to its sides in a dematerialized way, generating parasols, recreating intense games of light and shadow for the media that spend the daylight hours.

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