About us

Without dogmas, without strict rules and with a lot of freedom E.C.A. It is a space for dialogue and the exchange of ideas and actions in the world of architecture, design, poetry, music … in short, everything related to art and other creative disciplines.

We understand the creative process as a state of constant search, without a pre-established response, in which each action is a STOP on a retro continuum that is fed.

We are a work team made up of professionals passionate about architecture, focused on the development of architectural projects, whatever their magnitude or nature, evolution in the search philosophy and constant innovation.

We understand that personalization and advice must be the common thread that gives rise to each project, which is why we guide, inform, create, imagine and turn ideas into reality, contributing our talents to conceive spaces that improve the way of life of our clients. , always at their service, avant-garde solutions in harmony with the environment.

Values ​​such as responsibility, perseverance, effort and discipline represent our identity as a human team, we are obsessed with the details and concrete dreams to build your story.

Join our team

If you are interested in being part of our team, send us your CV and portfolio in PDF to jesituci@gmail.com or fill out the form.