Casa B

Architect’s Description: House B is located on a small 237 m2 lot in Villa María, Córdoba. The particularity of the lot lies not only in its size but also in its shape and access. The residence has two levels, through the different environments a rich spatiality was achieved, each space of the house has the… Seguir leyendo

Casa GB

The Casa GB project lands on the low height mountains in the city of Villa Carlos Paz, with views towards the town, the river and the high mountain range of the city. Due to the upward slope of the land, it offers fabulous views of the San Antonio river and the mountains without obstacles. A… Seguir leyendo

Casa FL

The FL house is implanted in a low density from a neighborhood of Villa Carlos Paz city, Argentina, on steep terrain and exquisite visuals towards the saws. From this situation, it is designed in a way that visuals don’t interrupt the main rooms, interior and exterior limits are fused in a visual continuity and in… Seguir leyendo

House AC

Casa AC project was created to be located in a closed neighborhood in Córdoba, in the surrounding areas of the famous Mario A. Kempes stadium. The family that will habit this house is constituted by several members, and different personalities and necessity. It’s about grandparents, sons and grandchildren, so it was necessary to project something… Seguir leyendo